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Ignite Your Success with LaJa Consulting!

Growth & Strategic Consulting

At LaJa Consulting we help

small and medium sized business owners to grow their businesses with our unique process:   The C.M.F.

(Customers, Marketing, & Financials)


The C.M.F. challenges Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to think differently about how to grow their business!

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Let's Ignite your Business Growth!!


The C.M.F.
Customers, Marketing, Financials

LaJa's C.M.F. Process challenges entrepreneurs and business owners to strip away all the noise and focus on the 3 core pillars of any business!
Customers, Marketing and Financials.

The C.M.F. process eliminates all the unnecessary conversations and distractions in order to concentrate on the core things that impact the top linen(Revenue) and the bottom line.  (Net Income)

Book your no-cost 30 Minute Q&A to understand how the C.M.F. Process can help you to grow your business.

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In today's 24-hour fast-paced marketplace the customer is the VIP.  But do you know who your customers really are?  Do you know what makes them buy from you?

If not, learn how to create strategies to keep customers coming back for more!  I’m not just talking business but talking about building epic relationships to boost brand love and fuel growth. Let's spice up your customer game and stand out in the hustle – because your success starts with them!

"If you don't have any Customers, then you are not Selling.
If you are not Selling then you are dying!"

Business Meeting


Is your current Marketing Strategy getting your customer to take action?

Tailoring your messaging on every channel to speak directly to YOUR customers problems, needs, or wants, that’s the game changer. 

This is what creates repeat customers and brand ambassadors that talk about your business everywhere.

Let’s team up and work through the process.

No cookie-cutter solutions here, just real talk and real results. Ready to crush it and carve a path to success that’s tailor made for your business?

Let’s talk and strategize.

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Are you relentless about your numbers?

As the owner of your business, you must stay on top of your financials and know what is really going on in with your revenue, expenses, and cash flow.

The number #1 reason most small and micro business fail: they run out of money.  

Let’s sidestep that and get real about your Financials. No fancy jargon, or accounting speak, just real raw insights you need to know as a business owner to run your business. We will leave the accounting stuff for the accountant.

Ready to get a grip on your financials?

Let’s chat about what you really need to know as the Boss. 
Time to get on top of your financial game.

Let’s Do this!!

At LaJa Consulting, we're dedicated to providing our clients with the mindset, tools and knowledge needed to grow their businesses.

Check out what our satisfied clients have to say about our top-tier consulting services and see why your business should be working with us.


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Our Success Stories

Rodney Prater

Prater Commercial Carpentry

Claudy Jones

Lighthouse Cards and Gifts

Kellie Williams

Actually Clean, LLC

LaJa Consulting helped us from the very beginning when we started with an idea and zero dollars, now we are a 10 Million dollar company. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable.
LaJa Consulting's focused solutions and attention literally saved our business. By helping us to realize that our customer was changing and we needed to change with it.
LaJa Consulting's  expertise and guidance was pivotal in my transition from business owner to confident CEO.  I use their concepts in literally the decisions I make daily.

Why Choose LaJa Consulting?

We are an impact driven consulting firm established in 1997.

Our focus is to help small and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their strategic and growth goals by blending our 20+ years of business knowledge and expertise.

We have worked with every size of business from idea stage to
multi-million dollar companies. No matter whether they were local, National, or International. 
Our team has won national marketing awards, helped companies go from idea to 8-figures and pivot when needed. 

No matter what the market, business, or location...We get it done!

Connect with us and book a Q&A Session today!

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